Black men: ‘You just have to keep reliving the trauma’

11 days, 264 hours and 15,840 minutes after the video of George Floyd slowly suffocating went viral, Zeke logged onto his work network and posted in the forum.

“We need to address this,” he wrote.

Zeke*, 26, had heard nothing internally or externally from his law firm about Black Lives Matter until he spoke out.

“I only had people reaching out to me after I mentioned it in the forum, then I had a couple of senior members of staff speak to me privately. That’s when I could tell from the way that they spoke – it’s no shade against them – but I could tell it was a very difficult conversation for them.

“It showed me that they haven’t had exposure to black people and black spaces. A check-in shouldn’t really have to be a difficult conversation.”

Just six out of more than 800 UK-based partners at elite Magic Circle law firms, like the one Zeke works for, are black.

“I’ve felt very, very isolated. I am unique in this place, there’s no one here that’s going to understand me, how things affect me, inside the organisation no one’s going to have any idea.”

Zeke, who chose to remain anonymous, says his firm’s response has been really damaging to his mental health, and no one has reached out to offer support.

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